Editor Improvements
Jira V2
Mobile app notifications
Excalidraw integration
Templates V2
Vim Mode
Real-time collaboration
Plugin API
Open-source acreom
Dev team workspace
Community feedback & stability
Mobile apps 1.15.0
Assistant X-Ray 2.0
Statuses on pages
Inline Tasks
Github Integration
End-to-end Encrypted Sync
Streamline tasks & daily documents
Tag Management
Local Vault issues + Interoperability with other .md editors
Light theme
Quick Capture 2.0
New Assistant features
Jira sync
CPU usage improvements
Tasks 2.0 2/2
Better search
Custom key bindings
Sync stability
Tasks 2.0 1/2
Mobile apps 1.0.0
Performance improvements
Quick capture via global shortcut
Command line
Conflict resolution with local folder (Cloud Vault)
Improved publishing
Support for different date formats
Mobile apps sync improvements
Mobile apps (beta)
Local storage for synced vaults
Group by documents
New .md parser
Document templates
Performance improvements
Multiple #hashtags on tasks
Better context on document links
Time formatting options
Editor improvements
Keyboard shortcuts
Linux apps
surface tasks in calendar
Inline tasks
Review panel in daily doc
Split tasks and events
Add ICS calendar integration
Improve Google Calendar Integration
Document Archive